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Physics Laboratory

 Built according to the modern architectural design, Physics Lab of the school is equipped with all the latest lab apparatuses. Their theoretical knowledge is put into practice by  performing experiments under the guidance of qualified teachers and trained lab assistants. The experiments are carried out with intricable details here. Once imbibed they remain forever in the young minds. The entire functioning is done as per standardized safety norms.

Chemistry Laboratory

  It is designed for the safe and smooth conduct of experiments. It consists of adequate amount of apparatuses and copious amount of chemicals for the efficacious conduct of the experiments as per the CBSE Syllabus.

Biology Laboratory

 Equipped with all the latest scientific instruments required for the effective teaching of Biology, Biology Lab has an array of charts conveying various topics and number of preserved specimens of plants and animals which make a lab an interesting place. The most attractive feature of our lab is the Human skeleton which the children love exploring. Here, the hidden world of biology is explored by the students under the guidance of able teachers through microscopes and slides.

Maths Laboratory

 It creates an environment that is student centered. It is all about learning, verifying and visualizing mathematical concepts in a ‘fun’ way. It inculcates learning through ‘applied reasoning’. This learner centered approach to Maths helps every child imagine, investigate and interact effectively. The multiple teaching and learning aids comprise of technology, application videos, manipulator and measuring instruments, tables, charts and much more.

Computer Laboratory

The school at present has three well equipped computer labs housing latest computers with multimedia facility including LCD monitors an optical mouse for the use of students to make them computer savvy. The internet facility has opened avenues to the unlimited scope for learning. The school provides fast broadband internet connection round the clocks. In a world of inter  connectivity computers play a significant role. Every student is provided with a computer to explore the world of technology under the strict supervision of computer teachers.

 English Language Laboratory

Our school has set up full furnished English language lab equipped with ultra modern technologies and the best available software to enrich the language learning capacities of our keen students. The objective of the language laboratory is to develop and refine the language skills- basically listening and speaking of our ready-to-learn students. English language lab not only facilitates the teaching learning process but also brings fun and efficiency to learning. It is widely used in the school to eliminate all sorts of language learning impediments.